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The Propaganda Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Propaganda Exhibition at The British Library takes place from Friday 17th May – Tuesday 17th September 2013. Propaganda has an always will be a powerful tool, used to persuade the minds of the masses towards a desired way of thinking, whether that be for good or ill and this exhibition looks into the significance and influence of propaganda over the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Many of the examples of propaganda showcased at the exhibition are war themed, with big posters giving advice during rough war times or sometimes even encouraging men to sign up. Not all the images are quite so serious, with many using almost a humourous way to get their point across the posters and paintings; you can view comedic portrayals of Hitler along with cartoon-style mascots all trying to manipulate their audience’s viewpoint.

Films, sounds and texts will also be amongst the collection, all of which have been used by the media of the time to influence its people. The items on display are also from all over the world, giving you the chance to see how both time and culture influence propaganda, and what kind of messages the media and politicians were trying to propagate.

You might find yourself surprised by some of the content as it can vary from the wildly horrific to the hilarious, and while none of the images on display are neutral, not all the pictures are easy to recognise as propaganda. It might be helpful, to avail of one of the many free exhibition tours on offer so you can get the most out of the pieces on show.

A range of events and talks to supplement the exhibition, will also be taking place, such as a talk by Alistair Campbell on politics and the press. Other highlights include a film screening of the 1925 film, Strike, and a late night party based around the theme of propaganda, including a special performance by the band, Public Service Broadcasting.

After the exhibition why not pop into William Curley’s for a warm cup of hot chocolate.

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