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5ive Questions with Emma Parker of Coutours!

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Emma Parker is a renowned tour guide of London. What inspired us about her work is she takes her groups off the beaten track in London to hidden places and gems of the city. 

How did you start with tours in London and what has kept you going ever since?

In 2007, I was working in PR and kept thinking how negative people were about London. I have always loved London despite its difficulties at times and have always found that it never ceases to amaze me. I wanted to share my love of London with people who visited. London and its people never cease to amaze me with new ideas and innovations that keep London exciting and different.

5 words that would describe London in your dictionary?

Strong, dynamic, quirky, evolving, free

Tips for a newcomer to London? What is the best way to see and experience London?


Wherever you can, walk. So much of London is missed while on a bus or in a taxi.

The parks are little havens of calm if you find the bustle too much. Look up and look down for most of the fascinating details can be above your head, but there are some amazing things to be seen at ground level too. If you are a creature of habit, don't just hang around your neighbourhood or hotel; break the mould and try to experience different areas.

 Remember the best pubs are not always in the mostobvious locations; seek them out!


What makes Coutours stand apart?

Our premise is to entertain while taking guests on tours of London as well as surprising them with the most interesting details and facts about London. Having a PR background as well as a British history degree has really helped mix useful dates and historical information with the latest and newest happenings in London. I am constantly seeking out what is new and what is exciting and my tours evolve accordingly. Our tours are fueled by passion and a desire for knowledge.

 Your favourite restaurant and shopping destinations in London?

J Sheekeys bar for fish pie and a natter, Sushi Samba for high drama and views and Poppy's in Hanbury Street for the best fish and chips in town.


Favourite shops: Floris and Penhaligons for English scents, Lock & Co for amazing hats, Berry Bros & Rudd for wine and a dipback in time, Harrods for everything and Wright & Teague and Tatty Devine for exciting jewellery

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