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London Cocktail Week

  • by arobis
London Cocktail Week starts next Monday 7 October. Prepare to for fleeting pop-ups and events that show off the best in bar-tending talent. All across the city, bars and restaurants will get creative to showcase their mixology skills. From traditional classics to creative concoctions, bartenders will be blending their best. Expect tastings, masterclasses and food pairings galore and whether your poison is a Manhattan or a Mojito, there's plenty to keep you busy.

There are events, pop-ups and special menus all over town, from the Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge at Fitzroy Square to a “Three Martini Lunch” in Covent Garden. Most of all, though, there are cocktails. 

From scuzzy dives to posh bars, cutting-edge restaurants and even rather healthful establishments, they represent the breadth of creativity on the London cocktail scene.

From an absinthe-laced lassi (India) to lavender-scented pisco (Peru), there are very few corners of the globe from which London’s bartenders have not drawn inspiration. And provided your cupboard is well stocked with phosphoric acid and goji liqueur, you should be able to make one or two at home. Alternatively, you could leave it to the experts and try some spectacular cocktails at London’s Roof Gardens.

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