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5ive Questions with Dr.Wille

  • by arobis
We had the pleasure of meeting the person currently behind the stunning jewellery brand Freywille, Dr Wille who spoke to us about the brand and what new visitors to their Piccadilly and Sloane Street boutiques should expect!

How did you start with FREYWILLE and where did the inspiration come from?

FREYWILLE was originally founded in 1951 in the heart of Vienna, where the company’s headquarter is still located. In the 1970's I joined the company as a financial and legal consultant. After the former owner passed away I found myself in the situation to take the lead and to restructure the company, paired with new ideas, a new design concept and a new artistic team under the leadership of my later wife, Simone Grünberger-Wille. So a whole new FREYWILLE emerged and its actual history as a globally known luxury brand began.

Our own authentic style, which has always been designated by its artwork, is entirely unique and evolved through decades of experience. Vibrant colours, a variety of shapes and high quality fire enamel serve as means for a very subtle way of expressing thoughts and feelings that has become true art. Always aiming to create sophisticated collections full of emotions, FREYWILLE focuses on artistic merits as the core of each design. Every collection is based on humanistic philosophy or profound topics like nature or the diversity of cultural heritage, and its intrinsically intangible assets. With this Impetus in the initial state of designing, FREYWILLE’s artists gain inspiration from the abundance that surrounds us everywhere.

5 words that describe FREYWILLE?

Artistic, unique, luxurious, precious, fire enamel.
Or short and simply: one-of-a-kind in design and technique

You favourite spots in London?

There are few cities that can claim to encompass the epic scope of London's historical and cultural achievements. You can chose from a variety of museums, art galleries or iconic places with a true breadth of history going back hundreds of years. Round almost every corner there are landmark sights with their own story, and architectural style. It’s hard to name a favourite spot as there are so many. For example, Tate Modern with its changing exhibitions is always worth an extended visit. Like the Louvre, the National Gallery contains so much amazing art, one can spend entire weeks there. And whenever I’m in London I like to take a walk around one of the wonderful parks with their special and charming atmosphere – you won’t find that anywhere else.

What is your recommendation to a first time visitor to London?

London is huge and I suppose you could live your whole life here not knowing all its secrets. Apart from visiting the well known tourist attractions, be adventurous! If you are not scared to put on your walking shoes, walk around, get off the beaten track and start to discover. There is so much to do in London and you just simply can’t do it all; choose what’s best for you and have a great time. 

What should a first time visitor to FREYWILLE expect?

We have created a new category, linking fashion and art together. Our designs highlight our admiration for artistic genius and place the emphasis on our own creative craftsmanship.

We have studied for many years to reach the successful fusion between artistic verve and a perfectly crafted quality finish. But the defining difference that marks FREYWILLE apart from others is that aesthetics rest solely on the artistic design.  It is our creative spirit that forms the heart and soul of FREYWILLE. 
In our boutiques we want to provide our customers with an appealing and luxurious atmosphere, allowing them to venture into a world of beauty and art. Our well trained sales consultants are happy to introduce them to our artistic concept and to the inspirations and stories behind each collection. We want to meet our customers with a unique and inspiring shopping experience.

For more information please visit Freywille

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