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Sylvia Fletcher, milliner at James Lock and Co.

  • by arobis
Sylvia Fletcher is one of London's leading milliners and her collections are found at Lock and Co. Hatters in St James street, the oldest milliners of London.

Sylvia Fletcher along with being a milliner is a poet and we thought of sharing a poem written by her with you dedicated to the Ascot!

The Ascot gallops towards me nostrils flared
The race begins.
Armed only with a thimble and tape measure
I grasp the reins
In a flurry of colours and silks I negotiate the course,
the intricacies of tulle or veiling, 
satin or straw, a flower or feathers or both. 
The last order is nested in tissue.
It's neck and neck. A photo finish. 
In a fizz of champagne bubbles
and the waft of air kissing,
the well toned rumps
disappear in the distance and Ascot passes.
For the fiftieth year I raise my glass
and make my fiftieth vow 'never again' 

For more information please visit Lock and Co Hatters 
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