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Kraftwerk at The Tate Modern

  • by arobis

Kraftwerk at The Tate Modern takes place in the Turbine Hall from Wednesday 6th – Thursday 14th February 2013. Fans of electronic music will want to see this spectacular exhibition as the German group performs eight live performances at the venue.

Kraftwerk are a popular band who has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with music and visuals for many decades. Created in the seventies, Kraftwerk have long been considered pioneers of the electronic music genre. The project is the work of Ralf Hutter alongside Florian Schneider, however the band has seen a number of many different members in its time. The unique music is a combination of Western harmonies with electronic instruments and vocals that are often distorted through a computer. Kraftwerk at Tate Modern chronologically explores the group’s musical and visual experiments through each of their performances.

This the first time that the band has visited London since 2004 and it is most definitely a treat for those who see it, as the effects on stage will include stunning 3D images and much, much more. Fans of the band will get to hear classic tracks from albums such as, Autobahn, Computer World and Techno Pop amongst the repertoire.

The event is spread over eight days, with shows from each of their albums being performed in order across each day, allowing fans to see their favourite album tracks played live. This event promises to be completely spectacular, whether you’re a fan of the band or just enjoy electronic music and amazing visualisations.

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