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Shop Tax Free

  • by arobis

Premier Tax Free is one of the world’s most experienced tax refund companies, providing VAT refunds to millions of international shoppers since 1985. Claiming back your VAT on a journey home has never been easier. When you see the Premier Tax Free logo, request the VAT form for your shopping and follow the tips below to save money by getting your VAT back quickly and easily.


  1. Ask for your Premier Tax Free Shopping Form in every store along with your receipts - the sales assistant will help you complete this.
  2. Make sure you complete your VAT refund form fully, including your name, full address, passport number and your arrival and departure date. Don't forget to state how would you like your refund, you can get cash at the airport, have the refund put back on your card, put into a UK bank account or receive a cheque.
  3. On arriving at your final point of departure from the EU, locate the VAT refund desk, take your VAT refund form, goods, receipts and passport to the desk and get your VAT refund form stamped.
  4. After you have your VAT refund form stamped, you can obtain a cash refund if the facility is available or you can post your form back to Premier Tax Free is the pre paid envelope indicating how you would like your refund.

You have up to 3 months from the date you purchase the goods to leave the EU and retreive your refund. In order to be eligible for a VAT refund you must reside outside the country in which you are making your purchases. When shopping in the EU you must reside outside the European Union. You are only eligible for a VAT refund if you spend a minimum amount in one store on the same day. This amount varies from one country to the next.


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