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Superyachts Head to London

  • by arobis

The final countdown to the start of the London 2012 Olympic games has begun with the traditional lighting of the Olympic Flame ceremony taking place today at the ancient site of Olympia in Greece. The Olympic flame will begin its 78-day journey towards London this morning, making a 10,000 mile trip. It will be carried by 8,000 torchbearers, arriving in Stratford, East London, on July 27.


The Olympic flame was lit using a mirror and the sun's rays, before being passed on to light the torch for the relay. The flame flies to Britain on Friday 18 May for a 70-day relay around the UK. The Olympic Flame is an iconic symbol of the games to represent purity because it comes directly from the sun. Spyros Gianniotis, the first torchbearer, a British-born Greek 10km swimming world champion then began the journey with the Olympic Flame on the first leg of its week-long journey around Greece.

The lighting of the Olympic flame marks 78 days to go before superyachts head to London for the 2012 Olympic Games. From July, Royal Docks 2012 are offering a limited number of exclusive superyacht berths to provide a totally unique Olympic experience. The facility is positioned just minutes from London City airport and the city’s sporting venues. In partnership with MGMTyacht, Royal Docks 2012 will be providing a full dedicated bespoke concierge service too.

Benjamin Sutton, Director of Communications at MGMTyacht said: “With only 78 days to go till the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ kicks off, more and more superyachts are being confirmed as coming to London this summer. This is hugely exciting. For the first time in history, London will be the top destination for superyachts this year."

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