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The Boat Race 2012

  • by arobis

The 2012 Boat Race between Oxford University Boat Club and the Cambridge University Boat Club will take place this April 7th on the River Thames in London.

The Boat Race is one of the oldest sporting events in the world that dates back to 1829 when the first Boat Race took place. This year sees the 158th Boat Race between crews from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

The race will start at 2:15pm from Putney and run the course, also known as the Championship Course for 4 miles before ending in Mortlake, South West London.

You can enjoy the festival atmosphere of The Boat Race from either side of the River Thames. Recommended viewpoints are Putney Bridge, Putney Embankment and Bishops Park at the start; Hammersmith and Barnes midway and Dukes Meadows and Chiswick Bridge at the finish.

The festival events in the park include large screens at Bishops Park, Fulham and Furnival Gardens and Hammersmith mean you will be able to watch the whole race before and after the crews have passed.

Watched by thousands along the Banks of the River Thames and broadcast to millions worldwide, the BBC will commence coverage of the event at 1pm.

Oxford won The Boat Race in 2011, but Cambridge still leads the overall score for 80 to 76. Watch this year’s race to cheer on the teams and see who this year’s victors will be.

Charles Tip -“Cambridge has a heavier and younger team, but will need a lot of gust against the more internationally experienced Oxford String favourites.”

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