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London Spa

Unwind in some of London’s finest spas, featuring massages, beauty therapy and everything else you need to relax
Spas have been prevalent in London since the 17th century and at its inception, it was a luxury only enjoyed by the wealthy. London has luxury five star hotel spas aplenty with many of the top boutique hotels in particular providing the best state of the art spas in the world. These spas offer a range of treatments and products from the top spa brands in such areas as aromatherapy, facials, massages, detox, therapies and much more.Experienced staff, at spas such as Grace Belgravia deliver a consummate service to spa goers whose expectations are duly met time after time. These spas will provide you with a bespoke service, using only the best products to achieve great results. Fluffy towels at the ready; it's time to get pampered. London's best spas will host hen parties, manage your weekly manicures or provide the most relaxing treatments.Refreshments are also provided in these affluent spas to ensure your experience in opulence is just right. London really is the perfect place for a relaxing spa break surrounded by extravagant facilities and affable staff, as well as top spa treatments.

Avoid using Petroleum oils such as baby oil as a massage oil. Plant based oils offer a healthier alternative that is better for your skin.