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Belmond Le Manoir
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'Creating a room is as challenging as creating a beautiful dish. It takes the same creativity, love and attention to detail.' Raymond Blanc OBE Chef Patron

Each room and suite at Belmond Le Manoir is unique. Indulge in oriental opulence. Step inside the calm of pure white on white. Lounge on antique four-poster beds or curl up in contemporary chic. Be  transported into another world, beyond the everyday.

Gardens at Le Manoir:

Their impressive gardens bring an enchanting experience to the culinary adventure. The two-acre vegetable and herb garden and vast young orchard make Le Manoir's grounds an experience in their own right. Planted with over 90 varieties of vegetable and 70 types of herb, they supply the restaurant's kitchen with the freshest produce during the late spring, summer and autumn months. Stroll through the grounds and you'll also find an English water garden, fed by natural springs, which was created by the monks who occupied the site in the 16th century. After falling in love with Japan during his travels, Raymond Blanc worked with landscape designer Robert Ketchell to create a tranquil Japanese tea garden. Within it, a beautiful tea house enables guests to contemplate the beauty and simplicity of their surroundings.