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Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design Floral Design and Planting

Known for using flowers to create an atmosphere of affluence, we leave spaces feeling like we’ve brought the Spring!

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With 25 years experience providing bespoke floral designs to 5* hotels, Michelin-rated restaurants and high end corporate companies, we understand that each customer must stand out as unique and create the maximum wow factor for their money. We therefore give them stunning arrangements that are also aligned to their brand and marketing strategy and so turn their floral décor from an expense into a strategic investment. Our consultancy service combines elements of styling with the ability to create an over-arching guideline for our customers to ensure their standards are maintained with the minimum expense, time or stress.

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Best For

Best For

Using creativity and design skills to create maximum wow factor, focus the budget and reach the target audience. Known for design that works and using floral décor to create a journey through a building.
Charle's Tip 1

Charles' Tip

If you need to be certain your bouquets will hit the mark, call up to tell us a little about the recipient eg. Their favourite colour, how they dress, what does their sitting room look like? We’ll do the rest.
Charle's Tip 2

Charles' Tip

Generally we reduce the time our regular clients spend dealing with floral issues by approximately 90% by making sure we really understand their needs and then by catering to them!
Charle's Tip 3

Charles' Tip

We don’t give our customers our style, we give them their own style so they can stand out in the crowd, both in regular contracts and event work.