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History of Champagne

Champagne was first produced by the Romans in the Champagne region of France around the 5th century and it has since gone on to become one of the most popular Wines and drinks worldwide.

Despite having limited resources for producing Wine, England and London in particular have had a major influence on Champagne due to the acts of the Wealthy during the 17th Century. It was Charles de Saint-Évremond who first led the huge interest into London Champagne that has since gone on to sell £320 million pounds worth on average per annum in the UK. The English scientist Christopher Merret first discovered how to make the substance sparkle and this was then viewed as a highly desirable trait of Champagne.

Champagne in London has historically been viewed as an important status symbol due to its portrayal in Art, Literature and Film and in London, a luxury Champagne from one of the many London merchants can fetch up to £2500 a bottle from the more established Champagne brands.

In its more recent history, Champagne has been used for celebrations and can be seen in particular at sporting events such as Formula 1 Grand Prix races where the winner sprays other competitors as well as the crowd with Champagne.

When ships are being launched for the first time, a bottle is smashed over the hull. If the bottle does not break, it is viewed as a symbol of bad luck.

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