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Choosing a Champagne

When choosing a Champagne, the first thing to do is to set your budget. The pricier, most established luxury Champagnes are out of the price reach for many and so an estimated figure of how much you wish to spend on Champagne is key.

The quantity you require is also imperative; is it just for you? A family of 4 or a party of 10? See our Champagne Bottle sizes section to see which Champagne bottle is most suited to your needs.

Next, and arguably the most important part; the taste. This all depends on your palate and which flavours and aromas you respond best to. Carefully reading the bottle’s label is key and if it labelled as “Grand Cru” then it has come from the best Champagne vineyards in the world. If a year of production is not listed on the label then it is referred to as a non vintage bottle.

The sparkle and colour of the Champagne play a part in this as well the different types of Champagne, whether fruity, dry or sweet. The colour of Champagne can vary greatly from silver to pink. The amount of sparkles a Champagne has is greatly influenced by how it is stored and served which can be perfected with our Champagne storage guide.

The Sparkles in Champagne are referred to as pearls. Getting the right amount of pearls is easy when the Champagne is stored correctly.

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