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Champagne Bottle Sizes

There are a number of different Champagne bottle sizes that vary from small, individual sized bottles to extremely large, party sized bottles.

Quarter    18.75cl
Half-Bottle    37.5cl
Imperial Pint    60cl
Bottle    75cl
Magnum    1.5L
Jeroboam    3L
Rehoboam    4.5L
Methuselah    6L
Salmanazar    9L
Balthazar    12L
Nebuchadnezzar    15L
Solomon    18L
Primat    27L
Melchizedek    30L

The most common sizes seen in shops and Wine merchants are the Bottle and

Magnum sized bottles. Champagne in the other sized bottles have generally

been fermented in one these two types as they are the ideal size for creating

great Champagne. As a result, Champagne from bottles larger than the

Magnum is considered to have an inferior taste than the bottle in which it was

fermented. Bottles larger than the Magnum size are named after important

figures in the Bible. Champagne Bottles like the Melchizedek weigh over 65kg

and can cost over £400 for the bottle alone.

The larger and rarer bottles such as the Jeroboam and the Rehoboam make a great novelty for a party.

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