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Martha tells us about Primrose Bakery's Third Location

  • by Charles the Concierge

We are super excited for the Primrose Bakery opening a third location very soon in London. Martha, Founder & Owner told us about her plans!

You've chosen High Street Kensington as the third location for Primrose Bakery in London. Why did you pick that area?

The landlord covering a lot of the buildings in that part of Kensington High Street, which is right down at the far end behind Holland Park, are hoping to redevelop the area and bring in some interesting shops and businesses over the next few years. The area reminds me a little of Primrose Hill with a good mix of residential and commercial and to be so near the lovely Holland Park will be so nice. It will open up a new area of London for us and we will be more easily able to deliver cakes all over South London.


You're also publishing a new book this year - what will it be about? Where did the inspiration come from?


We constantly develop new recipes at the bakery so there is always lots to include in a new book. I have divided this one into seasons as they are so important at the bakery - I try to use seasonal ingredients wherever possible and then also there are certain key days through the year, such as Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween that are always big occasions at the bakery and which we make special cakes for. I think a lot of the people that buy the bakery books also enjoy seeing a snapshot of daily life at the bakery and how it has developed and grown over the last 11 years.


What would you say has kept you inspired and motivated throughout these years?

To work every day with cakes is pretty motivating still! I also work with an amazing team of people who keep me inspired and make my job a lot of fun and am also lucky enough to have some very loyal regular customers who I have had the pleasure to get to know over the years.


Your favourite shops in High Street Kensington?

I think Whole Foods is fantastic. I also spent a lot of time when I was 16 to 18 in High Street Kensington as I went to school near there so I used to go to the cinema and the shops and cafes with my friends. It brings back a lot of good memories to be working round there again.

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