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Personal Trainer Ruben Tabaras speaks to 5ive Star London

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Ruben Tabares is a leading Health and Fitness coach and has trained many high profile personalities across the world. The Fitness Centre at The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park now makes Ruben's Personal Training sessions easily accessible to those in London!


Ruben told us about his experience so far and some tips that will help motivate you for the Fall season.


What brought you to Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park?


Helena Field, the Spa Director approached me and she believed that Ruben Tabares Wellness and Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park mirror each other in terms of our vision and values, with a commitment to becoming the top location in London and beyond for health and fitness.


 How would you define Strength and Conditioning?


Strength and Conditioning is all about making the body as strong, healthy and vibrant as possible, to basically give you an edge over everyone else who just works out. If you're a competitive athlete it will provide an edge over your competitors.


What sets Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park's fitness centre from other gyms in London?


The gym is a perfect balance of being a visually stunning place to work out and having all of the latest equipment you need in order to get fit, body beautiful and enjoy a top class workout in a discreet and exclusive space.


What role does nutrition play in physical health and fitness and what advice do you usually give to clients?


Nutrition is vital and in my opinion is at the top of the list when it comes to health and fitness. My advice to clients is always to start by drinking more water, go through a liver detox and start on my adaptation training program.


What is your advice to those who are trying to motivate themselves for a healthier lifestyle?


Motivation is a loaded subject; the reason people lack motivation is because they lack several nutrients from their diet. I always suggest people start eating bee pollen, maca, raw cacao and foods packed with B Vitamins. Once your brain is functioning optimally, motivation comes easily.


Realistic goal setting is also an essential factor in finding the motivation one needs in order to be healthier.


What are your favourite spots in London?


My favourite spots in London are The Rosebery at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park as they have some of my favourite teas in the world, Hyde Park as it is a great place for walks and runs and Borough Market as it is a great place to eat healthy and find some amazing food products.  

For more information please visit The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park's website
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