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An Exclusive Interview with Olivier Lordonnois

  • by Charles the Concierge

The Mark Hotel is one of New York's leading independent hotels. We were delighted to have had the chance to interview the General Manager who also has a close connection to London and shared his experiences with us!


How did your career start in the hospitality industry?


Although my studies were focused on finance and tax law, I had a definite interest in hospitality. It was my young start in hotel operations that really evoked a passion for the industry…leading me where I am today, nearly 20 years later.


How would you compare your experience of working with one of the best hotels in London to that of New York?


Both properties exhibit superior service and strong identities within the world of luxury hospitality. In comparing the two, both are completely one-of-a-kind in style and philosophy. Yet The Lanesborough is defined by its classical ambiance, while The Mark is more design-oriented and focuses on current trends in fashion, art and culture.


My time at The Lanesborough provided me with a unique learning environment, mostly in part to Managing Director, Geoffrey Gelardi. His distinctive approach to personalized service creates an encouraging experience for young hoteliers. 


Some of your favourite hotels around the world?


The Upper House in Hong Kong, Armani Hotel Dubai, Fasano Sao Paulo, Hotel Costes in Paris.


How would you define luxury?


I believe luxury is found in the details, which in the world of hospitality creates a completely unique experience for the guest…the exquisite collection of artwork and design details that set the ambience of the hotel lobby, as seen through Jacques Grange’s bold and exacting vision; the soft touch of fine Italian bed linens; the delicate smell of Frederic Malle’s custom scent, “Jurassic Flower” lingering throughout the hallways; the bespoke pedicabs and bikes that await outside of the hotel to offer complimentary transportation to Bergdorf Goodman, The Metropolitan Museum, etc. To me, luxury is a one-of-a-kind experience conjured from superior service, quality craftsmanship, and creative thinking.


5ive words that describe the Mark Hotel?


Creative, Artistic, Personalized, Discreet, Chic


Your favourite dish at Jean Georges Restaurant?


The Steamed Shrimp Salad with Avocado, Enoki and a Light Champagne Dressing.


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