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Spending Mothers Day with Martha Swift

  • by Charles the Concierge

Mother's Day is truly special! Martha of The Primrose Bakery met with us and told us how she likes to spend the day!

'For the last year and a half I have lived in the same street as my mum, and in fact, for the 18 years before that I only lived up the road so I probably see a lot more of her than some people get to see their mothers. Mother's Day is a lovely day, and a good opportunity to spoil your mum with a card, present, lunch or tea out or maybe all of those things. I think it is often only when you have your own children that you really appreciate everything your parents do for you and what a tough job it is sometimes. I have two daughters, aged 17 and 19, and my mum is both a fantastic grandmother to them but also a huge help to me with them. My mum is now 70 but works as hard now as a writer as she did 30 years ago - her work ethic and dedication has been a huge inspiration to me as I have built up my business, Primrose Bakery, over the last 11 years. Although her background is in writing and journalism, she has always loved the bakery and has always encouraged me every step of the way. She comes in most days and would love to work in the shop sometimes if I allowed her!


I guess having a cake shop means it is easy for me to provide a lovely present for Mother's Day (and any other occasion come to that!) and although I am of course biased, a box of different flavour cupcakes or a simple but delicious Victoria Sponge cake, would make a great present I think, or bringing your mum to one of my bakeries in London for afternoon tea or even for breakfast. Alternatively, I love to go out to afternoon tea at one of the many amazing hotels in London that offer it. Flowers are another beautiful gift, I love the flowers at Scarlet and Violet and would always usethem to deliver flowers to my mum for any occasion. Both my mum and I love chocolates - so a box of chocolates, preferably truffles, from Rococo Chocolates would go down a treat! 

After all that food and flowers, perhaps a trip to the cinema would be a perfect end to the day.'

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