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The Antique Wine Company advises on the best wines

  • by Charles the Concierge

AWC, a luxury wine and spirits company provides wines meant purely for enjoyment as well as advising customers on the wines they believe will appreciate over time.

Like Vintage automobiles, rare art and collectable coins, one would need a depth of knowledge and expertise most financial consultants could not provide for fine wine investment. AWC can offer such expertise, therefore they are the ideal London wine partner to help construct a portfolio and manage it.

AWC offer a service called Wine Cap that deals solely in fine wine investment. Thus, clients are provided with a suite of dedicated services and focused advice on what the best wines are out there to drink and enjoy.

Fine wine investment, an asset class in times of prosperity, values rising due to consumption and scarcity, can also be a safe haven for capital during more difficult times.

AWC is unique, due to the focused consultation, clever planning and customisation, in its ability build ascendable investment options for private individuals and institutions alike.

For more information, AWC’s wine advisors are available on +44 (0) 20 3219 5588 , or visit their website.

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