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New Julien Marinetti Exhibition Previewed in 45 Park Lane

  • by Charles The Concierge

An exclusive preview to Marinetti's original gallery exhibition at Galeries Bartoux - New Bond Street, London - will be held at Dorchester Collection's Mayfair Hotel, 45 Park Lane from June 2nd, three months prior to the official launching of the exhibition in September. The exciting installation of bronze painted sculptures will be on display until August 30th.

"Popy," a two metre high sculpture of a teddy bear, "Doggy John", a 2.4 metre sculpture of a bulldog, and two giant sculptures labelled "Kwak," situated at the front of 5 star hotel, The Dorchester around the fountain, is where the signature pieces will be on display. Two more "Doggy John" sculptures will be on either side of the 45 Park Lane entrance in a sphinx-like position. Inside, a collection of smaller "Doggy John" sculptures and an introduction to the panda sculpture "Bâ" can be seen in the lobby along with a larger "Kwak," tribute to the rubber duck mascot of 45 Park Lane. A large sculpture, "Skull," will also be placed near Bar 45, at the top of the central staircase.

Every one of these intriguing sculptures is made using techniques that are centuries old. Marinetti would first cast the bronze before painting over it. Marinetti's collection of ancient Greek vases are the inspiration to his approach "syncretism," in which he views his art as a three-dimensional canvas where he paints in his Neo-Expressionist style. Marinetti uses only traditional materials and methods referred to as "noble", hand-sculpting each piece in clay before casting it in bronze. He then paints it in the wild and bursting colours he is renowned for. Then, to give it a porcelain-like finish, Marinetti carefully varnishes and polishes each sculpture.Among venues in Singapore, Miami, L'Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Madison Avenue in New York and even in Courcheval, France - at the top of the ski slopes, Marinetti's work has been displayed at Plaza Athenée, Paris, another of the Dorchester Collection's fine hotels.

As Marinetti's work is sought after by art collectors worldwide, the ties 45 Park Lane has to the art world made it a natural place for Marinetti to display his work. Many independent art galleries and even some of London's finest art Museums are within walking distance of the luxurious hotel. This regularly attracts established names from film, fashion, art and design worlds alike. The art featured at the hotel is also remarkable, as ten of Britain's leading living artists are on display on every floor, in guest rooms, suites, and in The Penthouse Suite "Dancing Girls Over Rotten Row" hanging over the fireplace.

Marinetti's exhibition is just one in a series of displays hosted by 45 Park Lane, including Christian Furr and Christian Bracey's "Staying Alive," Wolfgang Puck's first European exhibition "CUT" and all sixteen limited edition Damien Hirst "Diamond Dust Psalms." Each artist that has been exhibited in 45 Park Lane uses the hotel as a rendezvous location each month for a lunch to which guests are also invited.

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