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The British School of Falconry at Gleneagles!

  • by arobis

Falconry is considered to be one of the most aristocratic sports and Gleneagles is offering a unique falconry experience at the resort.

During our visit to top Scotland hotel Gleneagles we had the opportunity to earn directly from an instructor and in depth about the history of the sport,falcons, eagles and hawks. The British School of Falconry at Gleneagles is renowned for its finest education and courses.  

Lessons are open to every level and for those who are nervous, the instructors are extremely helpful and ensure guests are comfortable with handling a hawk but at the same time, enjoy the experience. Falconry is an engaging sport and it is astonishing to watch the birds learning and adapting to instructions given to them over the course of time. Just like any other pets, they develop an association with instructors and guests.

At the school, the birds are weighed every day to ensure that they are of the right weight to be able to fly!

We highly recommend a class of falconry during your visit and especially for all the ladies out there, it is a great activity! 

To learn more about Levels and Progression click here 

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