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Zaeem Jamals Seven Sins Collection

  • by Charles the Concierge
From the early ages the different exoteric sides of religion have tried to brand our tendencies as either virtuous or indeed sinful. Although greater esoteric teachings explain that sins & virtues are merely a part of our human existence and that living and encountering these experiences is all part of our quest to balance our material and spiritual selves. 

Therefore the embodiment of the ‘seven sins’ collection into Zaeem Jamal is a little reminder that we can enjoy all aspects of life without fear for our body and soul, but as long as we are in control of and rule over all of these forces. The stunning collection is laden with soft silks, lustrous linens and jerseys that feel absolutely amazing on the body and are finished with a simply dazzling array of exciting embellishments that will most certainly arouse the pride from within the wearer and lust and envy from all others around them…and so the journey of the seven sins begins.

Avaritia is the latin correspondent of the term greed, which is defined as the excessive hoarding of material goods, especially wealth. Zaeem Jamal replicates this through the use of different types of trims & techniques in certain fabrics and colours, as well as the Zaeem Jamal crest. Their message is to enjoy wealth but try to rule avaritia.

Invidia is the latin version of envy, which is most commonly defined as one’s desire for something that somebody else has, from everything such as material possessions to relationships and sometimes even emotions. Zaeem Jamal interprets this sin through the use of wonderfully fabulous styling with larger crests and motifs to stand out and invoke the envy of all others watching. Make sure you enjoy appreciation but rule invidia.

Ira is the latin description of wrath, which is known as deep feelings of anger or sometimes even hatred. Zaeem Jamal tries to reflect this sin through the interpretation of bold and bright colours, details and prints to feel strong, proud and fulfilled which will reduce the need to feel angry…enjoy strength but rule ira.

Acedia is the latin for sloth, which is often defined as laziness or unwillingness to use one’s abilities to their fullest. Zaeem Jamal incorporates this through in their collection through the use of relaxed, calm and comfortable fabrics, colours and fits that allow the lucky wearer to enjoy a lazy lounge feeling and just simply relax, remember to make sure you enjoy your rest but rule acedia!

Gula is the latin version of gluttony, which is most commonly known as the excessive and unnecessary consumption of food and drink or over indulgence in something. Zaeem Jamal learnt to reflect this sin through the use of different styling techniques, fabrics, extra trims and accessories that satisfy the desire of having more and more. Enjoy your feast but rule gula.

Luxuria is the latin for lust, often defined as excessive or arousing desires and practices. Zaeem Jamal reflects this through the use of different desireable fabics, sensual styling and the use of flattering cuts, as well as using exceptional embellishments and all sorts of details. Zaeem Jamal warns us to enjoy attraction but rule luxuria!

Finally Superbia is the latin correspondent of pride, which is defined as the feeling or desire of being more important than others, Zaeem Jamal interprets this through different designs and styling cloths that are both flattering and stunning so the wearer can feel a blissfull sensation of delight and confidence and ultimately, a sense of pride. Last but not least, enjoy feeling proud but rule superbia!

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