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Bremont Launches the Eagerly Anticipated MBIII

  • by Charles The Concierge
70% of the globe’s air forces are supplied with ejection seat technology by British aviation firm, Martin-Baker.

Bremont, luxury watches available in London, was first approached by them in 2007/08 to make the optimum watch in aviation.

This London watch product has to go through similar rigorous testing as ejector seats.

The top quality Bremont MB range was then born two years after this.

Pilots that had been ejected by utilising a Martin-Baker seat were who the Bremont MB range was created for.

CEO’S US senators and congressman, leaders of large companies on the London and New York stock exchanges as well as the heads of six air forces worldwide are some of the members of this very select group.

The MBII however, is available to everyone and has become one of Bremont’s top sellers, making a huge impact on the industry.

It has fast become a huge favourite thanks to its particular coloured barrel, the very unique design of its case as well as its other innovative features.

The GMT movement is able to display the time in two completely separate time zones.

The MBIII has also been extensively tested for temperatures extremes, vibration, shock as well as salt-fog, retaining the DNA that attracted the clientele of the MB.

ACDT - Aircraft Carrier Deck Test

Over a 6 month tour of an aircraft carrier, the levels of humidity and salt-fog is simulated.

AT - Altitude Test

Carried up to a height of 100,000 feet and being brought back down again rapidly, the watch is tested for altitude.

ETD - Extreme Temperature Endurance

The watch is held for 24 hours in over 40° C after being tested in temperatures up to -40° C for the same period of time.


Simulating the 30 year life of a helicopter, the product is shaken and vibrated using a test dummy.

Ejection Tests

This involves a live injection test where the watch is placed under extreme forces and g loads.

Click here to read more about the expansion of Bremont’s range in London today.

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