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Sync your Withings body measurements with Technogyms Mywellness Cloud

  • by Charles the Concierge

At the gym, you may log on to your personal mywellness cloud account on the high-tech Technogym web-connected luxury exercise equipment to access your training data, entertainment options, programmes and preferences all while working out – as well as automatically syncing your workout data onto your account for reference anywhere or anytime.

You may even have the special Technogym mywellness key, which tracks your daily movements such as stair climbs, dog walks and grocery shops –outside of the gym, and uploads them onto your mywellness cloud account via your own PC.

Perhaps, you might also use Runkeeper or even Map My Fitness to record all of your outdoor exercises and routes such as jogs, bike rides or rock climbs via GPS, and you may be syncing all of this data onto one place by linking these apps to your mywellness account.

This all sounds good so far but what if you wanted to monitor your weight, body fat and muscle mass in order to keep track of your entire body’s progress? It is possible to insert your weight and body measurements manually on your mywellness cloud account, but these can now also be automatically updated daily using Technogyms new partnership with Withings, manufacturers of the next-generation, incredibly smart body monitors.

Withings’ incredibly accurate, internet-connected Smart Body Analyser sends your body measurements into the Withings Health Cloud, that stores your data for easy access using either web or mobile apps. The Withings Health Cloud is synchronised with Technogym’s special mywellness cloud, which means that all of your daily Withings health measurements can be accessed simply and easily on your own personal mywellness account, meaning that along with tracking your daily MOVEs and workouts, you can now also measure your progress regarding weight loss or gain, muscles built and amount of all body fat lost.

Make sure you sign up to this new and innovative programme, you will not be disappointed. Click here for more information on Technogym.

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