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Beginners Game Shooting Days 2014

  • by Charles the Concierge
Prescott Shooting Company is offering a Two Day Driven Game Shooting Course running on Friday 12th September 2014 at Prescott Shooting School and Saturday 13th September at The Harvington Shoot.

Day one is a full day of extreme instruction at Prescott Shooting School under the guidance of the knowing Daniel and his team of the most top game shooting instructors. The gun safety and handling brief will be followed up by interesting talks on game shooting etiquette, various shooting techniques, gun mounting and footwork. 

You will then be taught on a variety of different driven and crossing targets that will be finished off with a realistic driven flush. This mimics a real game drive to get you used to handing the gun effectively and safely in an environment. Everything leant throughout the day can be put to the test before experiencing the real thing the following day. You’re breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea is also included along with special talks from Daniel on the role of the beating & picking up teams, cartridges & guns and game shooting attire. 

Day two is day at Harvington Shoot near Evesham and the group will be split into three teams where each individual team will shoot 2 drives, beat 2 drives and pick up 2 drives to experience how the shoot works from all different angles. Everybody will shoot under professional instruction on the pegs where you will have the amazing opportunity to shoot your first partridge or duck. This gives everybody the chance to put what you have learnt on day one into practice under the direction of your instructor. 

Each team will learn how the beating team works to drive the birds out and over the guns and also how the picking up team work their dogs so they retrieve the shot game. The second day includes breakfast, elevenses, a spectacular shoot dinner at the end of the day, unlimited game cartridges, gun hire (if required), absolutely all safety equipment, 4x4 transport & brace of all birds to take home.

Make sure not to miss this event and be sure to book in advance as places fill up quickly. For more information, click here.

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