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4 Spring-Summer 2014 Hair Trends for Women from Michael Van Clarke

  • by Charles the Concierge
After London’s biggest Fashion week, everyone in the capital is looking forward to the newest trends in hair for Spring and Summer. Michael Van Clarke, a luxury London hairdresser, has made 4 predictions on what’s hot in hair styles this year.

1.    90s Grunge



In Quarter 2 and 3 of this year we look to be returning to the era whose most famous child is Kurt Cobain, although instead of uncontrolled and messy frizz associated with the original 90s Grunge style, soft and controlled frizz is the order of the day which is a look easily achieved with 3 More Inches Magic Oil. The style has been appearing more and more on popular fashion networks and will reach its peak in these seasons.


2.    Bouncing Bob



The Bob is a style that falls in and out of fashion and this year it’s making a reappearance. Ask your hairdresser to create a short fringe with an overall cut focused on showing off lots of texture and movability. Michael Van Clarke also have a product for Summer protection when the air is humid and the sun is hot called 3 More Inches Lifesafer Spray which will keep your bob style cut in top condition.


3.    Up-Dos



The Up-Do style is a simple look that requires volume at the roots with soft strands left neatly around the face. With 3 More Inches Volumising Mousse, you can add must wanted thickness to your hair while keeping it very manageable with a finish that shimmers and protects. This trend is one often seen on the catwalk and provides effortless style to compliment your look.


4.    The Plait




The final look expected to stand out this Spring/Summer is the Plait. Another easy to manage hair style, the plait is achieved by connecting 3 or more strands of hair together and provides delicacy to all shapes and sizes. Michael Van Clarke also has a 3 More Inches Hold Spray product available to improve your hair’s resilience and adaptability to environments.
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