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Brand New Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Night Cream, Exclusive to Rodial!

  • by Charles The Concierge
Rodial Limited’s Skincare Dragon's Blood Night Hyaluronic Cream includes the ingredient of Dragon's Blood from the ‘sangre de drago’ tree's red sap. This helps to develop a second skin-like protective layer on the skin.

Calming stressed skin thanks to anti-inflammatory properties as well as protecting against environmental damage are some of the key features of the dragon's blood selection of products. The XXL hydrating plumping moisturiser is the latest addition to this range, suitable for night use.

This dragon's blood hyaluronic night cream moisturises you skin as you sleep to battle all visible signs of aging. Retinol penetrates deep into your skin to reduce to visibility of fine lines as hyaluronic acid reduces wrinkles, making you glow as you rise in the morning.

Hydrate and improve your complexion by the morning thanks to this product's soothing dragon's blood while chromabright technology assists the brightening of your skin.

The cream contains a delicate Peach and Rose scent and in just 4 weeks reduces the appearance of visible fine lines making it a must-have beauty accessory in London this spring.
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