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N.Peal Cashmere Care

  • by Charles the Concierge

Overgenerations and generations N.Peal has built many relationships with thenomadic herders and traders who travel the vast and endless steppes of Innerand Outer Mongolia, to find the very best product to make their stunningcashmere. Here they wish to pass on some of their knowledge regarding yourcashmere care.


Drycleaning is the best way to deal with stains on your cashmere and isrecommended if the cashmere is woven, like a pashmina or has details includingleather buttons. Loose knit designs are safer dry cleaned as hand-washing candisturb the knit pattern.


Storingyour cashmere is very important as moths are much less attracted to cleangarments. Therefore, it is advised to only ever store clean garments in abreathable zip-up plastic bag. If a breathable zip-up bag is not available acedar wood ball is a good, modern and natural alternative as not only do theyhave a pleasant fragrance, they are effective at preventing moths, mustinessand mildew. However, N.Peal recommend replacing them every 6 to 12 months.


Onsome occasions the friction of wear causes tiny balls of fluff to form on newcashmere garments. Regular washing helps prevent pilling on quality cashmeregarments. However, you can de-pill your sweater using a N.Peal cashmere comb gentlybut firmly, once this is done, wash as instructed. Any pilling will diminish ifyou regularly care for your cashmere in this way.


N.Pealdoes not recommend machine washing but N.Peal Cashmere doesn’t wash well onmost modern machines with a delicate cycle if you turn your garment inside-outin a laundry bag, then select a delicate cycle with a temperature of 30°Cmaximum and re-shape the garment whilst damp, dry, flat and out of directsunlight. To learn more please visit N.Peal!

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