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Michaeljohns Ultratone Slimming Treatments

  • by Charles the Concierge
Michaeljohn in Mayfair prides itself on an adept creative team that guarantees excellence in cutting, styling, colour and all things beauty and wellness. The team are absolutely delighted to welcome slimming expert, Capree Minerva to Michaeljohn who has introduced the revolutionary Ultratone Slimming Treatments. Some may be a bit taken aback at the thought however, the sessions are guaranteed to be relaxing and rejuvenating, perfect for both men and women and offer amazing slimming and toning results.


The recommended treatment is the duo full treatment session involving merging both Ultratone and Ultrasound treatments to achieve favourable results. The treatments are both soothing and restorative. Beginning with the Ultrasound treatment and followed by the Ultratone treatment, each treatment session extends to a total of 75 minutes.


The ultrasound step takes 10 minutes using the ultrasound handle which reduces stretch marks, breaks down fatty deposits and massages tissue leaving you with a slim and toned result.


The Ultratone step includes a series of bioptic pads being placed on the body, which send out pulses that aid lymphatic drainage and stimulates the fat to reshape and sculpt the area being treated.


A treatment that is perfect for people who are looking for a faultless figure for the upcoming summer, make sure to book an appointment soon with Michaeljohn in Mayfair.
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