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Mothers Day at Rococo Chocolates

  • by Charles The Concierge
"I was brought up with the tradition of Mother's Day as a child as an element of the Liturgical calendar, which means that it is tied into Lent and Easter. It was a movable feast, but was always anchored by the Easter celebration. It was the only day in an extremely long time that some people, for example servants, got to take a holiday and visit their own mothers. The old tradition was to bake a Simnel cake and take it home. While I am happy that times have progressed and that being a domestic servant with one days holiday a year doesn't happen anymore, I love the simplicity in giving someone a gift. While not everyone is able to bake a cake, I ask my children not to buy me presents, rather to promise to cook dinner or to bring me tea in bed. We don't do anything over the top in our house, my husband James is usually in charge of Sunday lunch, that is every sunday, so not once a year, I am honored to be able to share lots of satisfying meals with my family. "

Rococo, one of London's top chocolatiers, always have great gifts to purchase to suit every size and price range, both children and adults alike love receiving chocolate gifts. Small hearts with MUM written on them are available this year, while you can also include a personal message on a hand written note.

A number of workshops are also being run by Rococo.

Check their site for more details.
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