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Chewton Glens Treehouse Treatments

  • by Charles The Concierge
Chewton Glen is acclaimed as being one of the best UK hotels, with some suggesting it may even be one of the world’s finest hotels.

All guests that stay in the superb treehouses can now avail of three differing luxury treatments within their own treehouse for those who wish to completely relax during their stay.

'Cocooned in Nature' helps you to release your mind. It consists of a highly nourishing body massage with fragrances that lasts for 120 minutes. You will be taken to beautiful gardens of flowers at Chewton Glen thanks to the use of rosehip and mint essential oils. The treatment covers the body in a luxurious milky oil following a deep body brush. This is followed by am extremely through blanket massage as you relax and snooze. You will enjoy a delicious jasmine flower tea soon after receiving a deep and slow massage where the richest body cream will be used.

The second treatment, 'New Forest Flow' lasts for 90 minutes and draws inspiration from all the energy of the forest nearby. All of your tensions and toxins will be released to restore your body to its natural flow. Some local herbs including lavender help the release of stress, both mental and physical. This particular treatment results in a real lightness that is harmonising and elevating.

The third and final treatment also lasts for 90 minutes and is called ‘Tree Top Tranquillity’. It has been designed for you to relax and enjoy peace of mind.  A sensual hot oil candle that is infused with rose is used for this nourishing and protecting treatment. A full body brush is used before the warm rose oil is poured onto the skin directly from the candle. During this time, you will receive a soothing scalp massage to free your mind. Your treatment ends with a completely comforting massage to enhance your peaceful journey further.

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