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Women leading change at Grace Belgravia

  • by arobis

For the second time in the series, join us for the debate at the Women's Only Private Members Club. Our panellists of work professionals will give us an insight into how they combine and manage their personal and professional lives. These women will discuss their experiences and in particular focus their discussion on telecoms, finance and the powerful effect of mindfulness in the workplace. During this debate they will also address their own personal issues that they’ve experienced in the workplace and how they overcame these obstacles.  

Firstly, Louise Chester had been a follower of the Mindfulness techniques since 1994 during her time as a director at UBS Ltd. Later in 2001 Louise established herself as a financial consultant in both the city and her Witherdens Hall retreat in Kent. She founded Mindfulness at Work Ltd. to enable people to learn mindfulness techniques in order to improve their outlook and work life.  

Sayoko Teitelbaum works as the managing director ensuring efficient operations and manages international business for a media company specialising in mobile technologies. Sayoka initially began working for CBS TV stations Digital Media Group in leadership positions. She also worked with Cendant, as a partner marketer ensuring a revenue increase of over $65 million for major travel brands.  

Finally Clare Flynn Levy is an accomplished CEO and founder of Essentia Analytics; a London based software company. Ms Flynn has played a large part in improving the company’s investments. She has also worked as a fund manager for ten years working with Deutsche Asset Management and as CIO of Avocet Capital Management along with managing the Avocet European Technology Fund. She is incredibly supportive of flexible work practices and is highly active in promoting a stronger and more affluent role for women in the technology and financial sector.  

These women are a prime example of what it means to achieve success in their industries. Their first-hand experience and knowledge in their areas and as women in the work place make them the ideal speakers at our event.

Join us at the Grace Belgravia for our talk.

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