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Interview with Mr Marinella!

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2014 will be a very exciting year for luxury retail in London where all the luxury brands with independent boutiques in London are offering experiences found nowhere else at their boutiques. However, what makes a luxury brand stand out is its preservation of it's history and brand philosophy. This is something we felt is present when you pay a visit to the E.Marinella Boutique in the hear of Mayfair, Maddox Street.

Every couple of weeks a bespoke tailor visits the Maddox Street boutique for bespoke fittings especially from Naples. Something suit lovers should not be missing out!

Mr Marinella, currently the Managing Director of the E.Marinella Italian brand primarily known for its ties, told us about his experience with the family business so far. 

How did you get involved?

I grew up watching my family business and my grandfather constantly involved. It was a natural transition for me. My grandfather wanted to create and English corner in Naples. A place for English craftsmanship inspired by the brands. There were two different poles for fashion, for gentleman it was England and for women it was Paris. 

My grandfather came from Italy and he started exporting British brands. The fragrances from Floris, Penhaligons and hats from Lock Hatters and umbrellas from Briggs. 

As a family we wanted to make handmade shirts and ties. At that time in Italy if you were getting married you needed a whole new wardrobe symbolic for starting a new life and this was a great place to start off. 

Of course after the Second World War we had to be loyal to the local craftsmen and hence our focus shifted to the ties as importing raw materials from England was cutting down. 

I got involved when I was 8 years old. I was always a part of the family business. 

What makes E.Marinella stand out?

The brand has a Royal Warrant for it's services to the industry which means it has been supplying to the Royal families. 

In our hundred year history we have dressed all the US Presidents, Italian Heads of State, Prince Charles, the Royal Family from Monaco and Politicians from all over the world which is a prestigious symbol for us. 

We never had to invest in marketing as we were very strong in terms of word of mouth and the strong clientele we have had thus far. We had the G7 in Naples recently and all Heads of States were visiting our boutique there. 

What do you enjoy the most about London?

Londra (as Mr Marinella addresses it!) is my second home! I grew up with English brands and products. I love going around the city and learning day to day about it. London is a great mix of traditional and modern life. 

What are your favourite pieces in the collection?

The ties, the unisex clutch bag which you can use as a wallet or a proper bag. For instance even today we have a gentleman in from Naples offering bespoke fittings for our clients in London. We have tried to preserve the traditional essence of our brand.

From 2014 we will also have bespoke fittings for shoes! 

For more information you must pop in to the E.Marinella boutique in person to feel the real essence! 

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