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The Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

  • by arobis

September is often a month dreaded by many however at Calleija September will be a very exciting month as it holds one of the most anticipated events in the diamond calender – The Argyle Pink Diamond Tender. This tender highlights the worlds most important Pink Diamonds that stand alone because of their vibrancy and intense colour.

The 2013 Tender has recently been released with a collection of 64 of some of the most extraordinary diamonds, from the warm blush of pink rosé, to the highly prized blue, to the vivid intensity or the rarest red.

There’s a compelling mystery at the heart of all beauty. The Argyle pink diamond mystifies and mesmerises with an otherworldly beauty; it offers a glimpse of eternity, a sense of adventure that comes from the mystery of its journey through billions of years from the centre of the Earth. The Argyle mine has less than a decade left of Pink Diamond production before it closes forever and currently accounts for 90% or the world’s Pink Diamonds. With this in mind we do recommend trying to secure one of these rare diamonds whilst they are still being offered, they represent a solid investment and a family heirloom to treasure for generations. 

If you would like further information on these beautiful diamonds or guidance on how the tender process operates please click here. Bidding for this years Tender closes on the 2nd of October 2013.

While in the area why not view some magnificent art at The Belgravia Gallery.

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