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Summer Fashion from Zaeem Jamal

  • by arobis
Zaeem Jamal the British luxury fashion label, with its flagship store in King’s Road in Chelsea presents its new stunning Summer 2013 ‘the Camelot Collection’. Labeled in the past as ‘fashion’s one to watch’ Zaeem Jamal is part of a new movement highlighting a shift in fashion, taking it from solely aesthetic to a more holistic sense of wellbeing using fashion as a core, maintaining its key principles and the glamour of couture.

This summer, Zaeem Jamal, invokes the heroes and heroines of the Camelot legends, calling them through the mists of time, to empower & adorn todays women of substance - women who are themselves, tomorrows legends. Morgana Le Faye, Nimue - the Lady of the Lake, Queen Guinevere, and Elaine step forward in his trademark opulent sophistication in sensational feminine hues of teals & purples, minty creams and tangerines.

Zaeem Jamal

The collection is divided into four elemental stories - Air, Earth, Water and Fire combined with vintage Arthurian aesthetics form the core of the collection. Silhouettes entwine grace and seduction with willful passion and strength, skillfully woven through full bias cuts, hand drapes & Celtic inspired motifs. Ornate embellishments are juxtaposed on luxurious silk fabrics, reminiscent of the timeless sumptuousness and enduring magic of Arthur’s era.

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