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5ive Questions with Marc Hare of Mr Hare

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When Marc Hare set up the the contemporary, luxury men’s shoe company Mr. Hare his aim was to produce the perfect shoe wardrobe for himself, and share it. Founded in 2008 Mr. Hare now shares their shoes with the world from their boutique located on Stafford Street.

What's your background story?

Mr Hare has been running since 2008. We started as a wholesale company and we had this plan to make these luxury shoes that would be stocked in the best stores worldwide. It was time for us to open a flagship store and we always wanted to be in the heart of Mayfair. We are right in the middle of everything and what we have learnt is that all sorts of people like shoes. All our shoes are made in Italy. They are elegant and easy shoes which has allowed us to be flexible with the shoes we make. We have done everything from outdoor winter boots to evening shoes and sneakers. Mr Hare is represents the perfect shoe wardrobe.  I personally came from a fashion marketing background. I became disillusioned with the product people had. I didn’t understand why they invested on marketing rather than quality of the product.

 How would you describe Mr Hare in 5ive Words:

The complete men’s shoe wardrobe.

What's your favourite area of London?

My favourite part is right where we are. I regularly walk from Mayfair to Soho which is a fantastic walk. You walk from through every walk of life. From Japanese markets, restaurants to members clubs. You have absolutely everything you want. A very creative area and everything feels very fresh. In comparison Mayfair offers you a different feel. This part of London feels very old and traditional.

Whats is your ideal day out in London?

A long walk through Richmond park just because you get in and don’t feel like you are in London anymore. I would come out and go down to the River Café in Hammersmith for lunch. A boat from Hammersmith in to the center of town for shopping. I believe all the best stores are in Mayfair

What is your ideal advice to someone who is coming in to London?

Ask a Londoner where the best places are. Secondly, ask the concierges and the stores in Mayfair where you should be going. They are no doubt one of the best concierges in the world. We have the best restaurants, best galleries and parks. Eating, looking at art and visiting the parks is the best day out in London.

Whats should a new client to Mr Hare expect?

Expect some choice. The whole reason I started making shoes was the lack of choice I felt the industry was offering. I got very bored of the limited choice once I could afford good shoes. I am a young contemporary person. I wanted good quality, contemporary and young shoes. You will notice the quality is the same as any store in Jermyn Street. It’s just different colour palettes and something that goes with everything. Our latest collection is midnight blue elegant shoes. Unique details, very elegant and sumptuous leathers.

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