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Made in New York Exhibition

  • by arobis

Andy Warhol’s ‘Made in New York’ exhibition in The Belgravia Gallery, proves that Warhol left a huge legacy behind when he passed away in 1987. From drawings, paintings and prints to videography, publishing and performance, he produced more than art -- he was fundamentally his own label.

Andy Warhol was one of the most important and influential artists of pop art, which became extremely popular towards the end the twentieth century. Though he is best remembered for his paintings of Campbell's soup cans, he also created hundreds of other works including commercial advertisements and films.

From haunting black and white self-portraits to screen prints of celebrities, many of the images in this collection truly are an inspiration and include some of Warhol’s most well-known Pop Art pieces.

Warhol’s passion and drive is very evident in every limited edition silk paintings, book cover, and rare signed Castelli and Feldman Gallery announcement cards in this collection, with some eternally charismatic subjects such as Mick Jagger, Marilyn Monroe, Chairman Mao, Uncle Sam, Garbo, Warhol himself and even some endangered species in vivid hues.

The title of the show, ‘Made in New York’, was inspired by current reality television show ‘Made In Chelsea’  and some of the ‘Made in Chelsea’ stars past and present, including Hugo Taylor, even came to the ‘Made in New York’ party at Belgravia Gallery on June 25th.

If a close-by fine dining experience is of interest to you then why not eat at The Ritz Restaurant which is only around the corner from The Belgravia Gallery.




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