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Bettina Seitz at Belgravia Gallery

  • by arobis

Bettina Seitz, renowned sculptor, was born in Germany in 1963 but has been working from her studio in Sligo, Ireland since 1993. Seitz studied sculpture at the Freie Kunstschule, Nürtingen, Germany and the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin, Italy. Seitz is frequently featured in Belgravia Gallery’s exhibition ‘NAKED: The Art of the Elegant Nude’ which is a beautiful exhibition celebrating the female form with artwork.

Stylizing the human form, the sculptures by Bettina Seitz have a still presence, sense of lightness and have been admired by many for their serene calm. The sculptures in aluminium, bronze or stone often possess an ethereal and meditative quality.

Her long elongated figures were originally inspired by a poem in the book 'The Ballyconnell Colours' by the Irish writer Dermot Healy, where two people engaged in walking and conversation transcend from their surroundings. Other influences have been the works by the sculptors Giacometti and Brancusi.

The tall sculptures in white stone are hand built in layers over armatures in welded stainless steel, using a mix of white sands, white cement, fibres and bonding agents. Despite the weight of the materials Seitz achieves a real sense of lightness in the works. Her sculptures in highly polished aluminium were cast at Kunstguss Team Grundhöfer in Germany from originals modelled in plaster in a lost wax process. MG 3 aluminium used for the casting gives the work its light silver colour and makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.


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