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The Nicholas Goodden Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Nicholas Goodden Exhibition takes place at the Happenstance Bar and Restaurant from Thursday 27th June – Friday 26th July 2013. Why not embrace the vibrant streets of London at the Nicholas Goodden Exhibition this summer where eight specially selected prints depicting city life go on display for the first time. Held in the newly opened Happenstance restaurant, this latest work from the master photographer reflects his love of the capital and highlights the city’s exciting and ever-changing character.

Nicholas Goodden has no doubt a unique take on the capital city, capturing its eclectic nature and vibrancy in his work. Goodden has won multiple awards for his stunning images and has had his work showcased in many venues and fairs across the city, yet his latest exhibition promises to be one of his best yet.

Titled, Moving London, visitors to the Nicholas Goodden Exhibition can expect to see popular landmarks shot against dramatic skylines and streets brought to life by capturing the motion blur of the traffic as it travels past. Much of his London photography also features people either against the backdrop of a moving city, or as the object in motion.

The Happenstance bar and restaurant is located in front of the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, and will be serving everything from breakfast to late night cocktails. The Nicholas Goodden Exhibition will mark the opening event of this brand new addition to the area and you can not only enjoy the images on display, but you can also purchase the framed prints to take home and admire, or enter a prize draw to win one of the framed photos.

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