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French Champagne Brands

  • by arobis

When you are purchasing sparkling wine, there are many different French Champagne brands to consider. For the uninitiated - or even the very experienced - the array of Champagne choices can almost feel overwhelming.

Most people use the term Champagne to describe any type of sparkling wine; however, true Champagne is wine that comes from the Champagne wine region in France. When people refer to Champagne that wasn't made in that region, they are generally talking about a wine that was made using the Méthode Champenoise, which is the traditional method of fermentation used in Champagne making.

There are several respected French Champagne brands. Most Champagne makers offer more than one brand of Champagne. While they are made by the same vintner, the branding is different and meets different price points. For example, the popular premium vintage Champagne brand, Dom Pérignon, is produced by Moët et Chandon, which also produces White Star non-vintage Champagne and Domaine Chandon, an American sparkling wine made in the Méthode Champenoise.

Within each of the Champagne brands, there may be a variety of types like vintage, non-vintage, blanc de blancs, brut, and rosé.

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