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Famous Champagne Brands

  • by arobis

There is a common saying that rest and relaxation will never be complete unless one has a book on one hand and a fine wine in another. While this probably could be substituted with a lot of things, expensive champagne brands have made their mark on human history because of their sophistication, various uses, and a whole lot of things that usually has something to do with elegance, class and royalty.

While in our modern world, anyone can easily buy the best wines in a common grocery store or a simple wine shop, it is safe to say that not all of the wines available in said wine shops can be categorized as a fine wine. Now, on the subject of fine wine, there are a lot of types of wine that can definitely leave an impression, but nothing says class and sophistication better than champagne, and one known type of wine that has definitely left an impression is arguably the most famous sparkling wine of all – most commonly recognized as Champagne.

The sparkle and colour of the Champagne play a huge part in the different types of Champagne, whether fruity, dry or sweet. The colour of Champagne can vary greatly from silver to pink. The amount of sparkles Champagne has is greatly influenced by how it is stored and served which can be perfected with our Champagne storage guide.

No other drink on Earth can capture the romance and euphoria of a single moment of celebration into such a tangible act as when the seal of a bottle of champagne is broken. The cork pops, the bubbles fizz and the wine bursts out of the bottle with the enthusiasm of lava erupting from Krakatoa. Like all good wines, champagne possesses the depth, character and prestige to command a special place on the dinner tables of many royals, celebrities and businessmen in the uppermost echelons of society, because of its unparalleled position in the global wine market.

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