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Access to Lady Foley Grand Tour at The Lanesborough

  • by arobis
Guests of The Lanesborough have been invited by The Honourable Alexandra Foley - the daughter of the late Lord Foley to discover the real world of historical gentry with private tours of Britain’s grandest estates, an oppertunity that does not happen often.

Guests will receive a personal invitation from estate owners and on accepting the invite will be transported back to a time and world normally only seen on television. Guests of The Lanesborough will get to meet the estate owners and areas that are usually off bounds to the general public will be available for the special guests to see.

Over 20 custodians of Britain's historic houses participating in Lady Foley Grand Tour so opportunities such as lunch with the Duke of Rutland on his estate at Belvoir Castle, to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres with The Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Houghton Hall, The Lanesborough’s award-winning concierge team can develop customized itineraries for guests, combining invitations to lunch, tea or dinner could be available depending on estate owners availability.

This is a revival of the original Grand Tour that started in the late 17th Century as a way to round off the education of young nobles by exposing them to the finest art, music and architecture of the time.

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