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The Red Shed Theatre

  • by arobis

The Shed Theatre is located in front of The National Theatre and has been running from April 2013 and will run until February 2014. This temporary venue that will see a host of innovation shows performed by some of the capitals most exciting artists is a thrilling new performance space will be offering visitors the chance to see some truly intriguing shows in a totally unique setting.

You can expect to see a great many thought-provoking performances such as Table, by Tanya Ronder. This is among the first shows to take place at The Shed and sees 115 years of family life go by around one piece of furniture, telling a wonderful tale of identity and belonging.

These artistic works are not the only thing theatre goers can enjoy at The Shed Theatre, more traditional plays, such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, will also be among the venues highlights. You can also expect to see jaw-dropping magic acts upon the stage, such as Bullet Catch in which Rob Drummond performs levitation, mind reading and a highly dangerous and exciting finale.

To some it may look like a strange upturned Lego brick, nevertheless this bright red building, clad in horizontal planks of timber, is as eye catching as the shows that it hosts. The Shed theatre houses a modest 225 seats and is located in front of The National Theatre, alongside the river, and though is part of The National Theatre building, holds its own box office and bar.

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