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The Alternative Guide to the Universe Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Alternative Guide to the Universe Exhibition takes place at the Hayward Gallery from Tuesday 11th June – Sunday 26th August 2013. Here you can explore the maverick creations of self-taught architects, artists, photographers, filmmakers, futurists, healers and scientists. These fantastic outsider artists have been motivated by their obsessions as well as a desire to experiment, which has resulted in some eccentric and truly unique artworks, making this exhibition a real treat for those who see it.

What truly makes this exhibition so inspirational is that many of the creators featured have received no conventional teachings whatsoever, giving them total freedom of expression. Their ingenuity and style really gets deep into the heart of what the imagination truly means; a world without rules or boundaries.

Some of the works that has been chosen for the Alternative Guide to the Universe Exhibition all expand upon the idea of unusual perceptions to the world around us. This isn't surprising as the creators range from fringe physicists, to inventors of made up languages and even schizophrenic artists who use fantasy to express their view of reality. 

The original artworks and artefacts showcased at this exhibition have been compiled from the last 25 years and those who see it are sure to witness creations that boldly diverge from the mainstream. The exhibition demonstrates alternative ways of seeing, imagining and even moving through the perceived world and promises to make you contemplate your own views of the universe.

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