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5ive Questions with the Artistic Director of Rossano Ferretti

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The Artistic Director of Rossano Ferretti, Pol Garcia has been styling for 12 years and names Pippa Middleton as one of his favourite clients. 

He has styled for the like of the Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival but what makes Pol Garcia stand apart is that all clients hold a special place for him and he ensures they all feel comfortable and can honestly discuss what they need. 

We had the opportunity to meet Pol at the gorgeous Rossano Ferretti Hairspa in the heart of Mayfair, located very close to The Ritz London and Browns Hotel and discuss why hairstyling is important and what makes Rossano Ferretti stand apart!


How did you start with hair styling?

12 years ago, it was my dream to become a clothing designer and I came across hairdressing which changed my life. I travelled and my dream of living in Paris was fulfilled. As soon as I walked in to the salon of Rossano Ferretti, I fell in love with it. In order to be a part of Rossano Ferretti, I had to move to Parma. I became the Assistant Director of the firm and moved to Serbia for 7 months. In Paris I had the experience of shooting for magazines. Each country I have lived in, I have experienced that women are different and the way beauty is perceived varies. However, one common factor amongst women is the need for beautiful hair.

I specialize in cutting and what I love about my work is the freedom to create and each person’s needs are different. Approaches vary and we need to be careful in how we are styling each type of hair. How one’s hair should and should not be cut is very important to be considered.

You go to a hair stylist to give you an image. Lifestyle and maintenance is a complex process!

How does Rossano Ferretti stand out?

We have our own lifestyle. You can come to our salons all over the world and have the same experience! It is an experience for all your senses. As soon as you walk in, it smells amazing, feels amazing and these small understated luxuries make the atmosphere special. The technique is very specific. We don’t cut hair in a box style but rather try to match the curves of your face. We try to make the hair very soft at the end and the style can be replicated at home which is very important. You can effortlessly make it look beautiful in the settings of your home!

What do you have to say about London?

London was different for me in the beginning but now it is home! I have lived in 7 countries but I have never felt so happy and secure in any other place. London is reality. 

Your favourite area in London?

Primrose Hill is my favourite area of London. It has avillage feel to it and  you can enjoy an afternoon taking a stroll in the park. It is a very London like area!

What should a client expect during their first visit to Rossano Ferretti?

A level of professionalism and comfort at the same time. It is important for us to be honest and we need to give the right advice to clients. Our guests are women and men who know what they want and communication is very important for the guest. They should expect luxury, friendliness and quality of work!

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