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The Visions of the Universe Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Visions of the Universe Exhibition takes place at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich from Friday 7th June - Sunday 15th September 2013. You can enjoy breathtaking images of space at the exhibition as the museum has brought together over 100 stunning images of space and looks at the development of telescopy, photography and our universe.

Ever since Galileo first looked up at the stars, the human race has always wondered what has lay beyond them, and this spectacular exhibition looks at the evolution of astronomical telescopes and cameras that have sought to do just that. Today, we know what galaxies look like beyond our own, and visitors to the exhibition will be able to admire photographs of these amazing phenomena.

The exhibition allows you to take a visual trip through our spectacular solar system, seeing real images of the planets as well as our sun, moon and other deep space objects. Among the highlights, keep an eye out for images of the dazzling aurora on Saturn and pictures of stellar objects taken using UV light and even infra-red. The exhibition will also include the first ever astronomical image, which was taken in 1923 by Edwin Hubble, which proved the existence of other galaxies, and the 1969 image of the first human to walk on the moon.

The photographs showcased include the latest, cutting edge images captured by NASA as well as some from the Russian space programme and highlights from the Royal Observatory’s own Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. Ultimately, the Visions of the Universe Exhibition celebrates the aesthetic beauty of this specialist form of photography and will be accompanied by a programme of events for both adults and children to enjoy.

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