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The Regent Street Cocktail Safari

  • by arobis

The Regent Street Cocktail Safari takes place from Monday 1st April 2013 and will continue throughout the year. Cocktail lovers will be swarming the streets this spring as shoppers will be able to enjoy signature cocktails at restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels in the area as well as trying some special food also created for the event.

Amongst the various venues taking part, you should most certainly give MASH on Brewer Street a visit, as they will be offering movie themed cocktails, such as the American Beauty and the American Psycho. However, if food is more your kind of thing, make sure you visit Bar Americain at The Brasserie Zedel, as you can sample some beef bagels, hot dogs and slider sandwiches and wash them down with their Chrysler cocktail.

As there are so many venues taking part, it’s going to be difficult to select which ones to try first however, as the Regent Street Cocktail Safari will be running throughout the year, there is no need to rush, you will certainly be able to cover them all with a few nights out.

To make the absolute most of your cocktail experience, it is advised that you and your party plan a route round the area, allowing you to try multiple venues at once, which will make sampling the delights of this safari all the more exciting.

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