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The Estuary Exhibition

  • by arobis

The Estuary Exhibition at Museum of London Docklands takes place from Friday 17th May – Sunday 27th October 2013. If the history and natural beauty of the Thames estuary inspires you, then this exhibition is most certainly not to be missed as it brings together artwork from 14 renowned, up and coming artists that have found themselves moved by the outer limits of the Thames.

The exhibition will showcase a wide range of projects that capture the desolate mudflats and marshes that make up the end of the river Thames. Dramatic landscapes are not all that’s on offer at the estuary, and much of the work displayed at the exhibition will also look at container ports, power stations and seaside resorts, giving visitors a well-rounded impression of life along the estuary.

Those who visit will be able to watch films and admire photographs and paintings that focus on the mysterious beauty of the river. Highlights of the exhibition include Stephen Turner’s sea fort project; an artistic exploration of isolation as he recalls spending over a month atop a derelict searchlight tower at the Shivering Sands Seafort. Another must-see highlight is the Thames Film by William Raben and the oil paintings by Jock McFadyen.

This amazing exhibition marks the 10th anniversary of the Museum of London Docklands, which is itself located on the edge of the sea, and promises to be an eye-opening experience that sheds new light onto an often overlooked landmark.

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