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2013 St. George's Day

  • by arobis
The 2013 Saint George's Day celebration will take place on Tuesday 23rd April across London with Trafalgar Square hosting a free festival for all. The day celebrates all things English and Saint George in particular; a Greek officer in the Roman Army who lived in the 3rd century AD and whose cross is firmly planted on the English flag. Saint George was said to have slayed a dragon during his life in order to save a princess from the creature.


Nationalistic events will take place to celebrate the patron saint of England who died on this day in 303 AD. These events range from parades to theatre, food festivals, art exhibitions and much more. Tradition on the day dictates that in order to fully participate, one must don a red rose on their lapel or at least wear the St George’s Cross flag in some way, whether on their house or person.


The highlight of the celebration will be the feast of St George in Trafalgar Square which takes place on Saturday 20th April where free tastings and a huge range of food stalls are showcased to the London public, as well as live music and other entertainment from prominent musicians.


Charles Tip - "Celebrate Saint George's Day at Fortnum and Mason with some splendid food with a hearty English twist."
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